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2006 September Minutes For The Gold River Streamkeepers Society

Gold River Stream Keepers
Meeting Minutes
Sept. 20, 2006

      I.          Call to order
The president, Paul Smith called the Gold River Stream Keepers meeting to order at 7:11 p.m. on the 20th of September 2006 in the Aquatic Centre meeting room.

      II.         Attendees
                   The following persons were present: Paul Smith, Patrick Watson,       Jane Bogie, Ken Smith, Dave Clough, Jack Newman.

    III.        Acceptance of Agenda  
                  It was moved by Ken and seconded Pat to accept the agenda. Motion was carried without any additions or deletions.
    IV.         Approval of minutes from last meeting
Pat moved and Jane seconded the motion to accept the minutes of the previous meeting.  The motion was so moved.
     V.         Unfinished business
                   a. Update on the invoices for the indicator fence.
                       - One invoice in an approximate amount of $ 1,700. or $ 1,800. was sent to Steven.
                   b. Update on the Coho data.
                       - No report was available at this time.
                   c. Update on salmon enumeration.
                       -Paul indicated that Jane will probably be doing this year's Fall salmon enumeration in October.
                   d. Update on the Elk River monitoring.
                       - Paul noted that we had an agreement with Streamline Environmental to  assist them when required.  Unfortunately, GRSK members did not respond to his resent e-mail request for help. 
                   e.  Update on Stream Keeper's course certificates.
                        - Dave Clough indicated that the certificates will arrive at his office tomorrow and he will sign them and ship them to Paul for distribution.
                   f.  Update on Stewardship Education Training.
                        - this has been put on hold until we hear back from Dustin.
                   g. Update on Hutchinson Creek rock weir.
                        - Paul noted that no further information is available yet, but he will contact Gary Foster for additional information. Pat will also be talking to Brian Baxter for an update. 
                   h. Update on summer Chinook in the Gold River.
                       - Paul was in contact with Roger Dunlop, who said there were less then ten (10) Summer Chinook counted Paul noted that this may not be an accurate count as there may have been a problem with counting procedures.

VI.        Correspondense
                   a. Regional District
                    - must make a formal request in order to receive the $300.00 donation from Regional District.

     VII.       New Business
                   a. Chat Night
                    - Paul has set up a chat room which the directors can log onto in order to have an open discussion session at 7:30 p.m. every second Thursday of each month.

     VIII       Reports       
                   a. Financial Report
                    - Paul handed out copies of the August 31, 2006 financial report. Pat moved and Jane second that the financial report be adopted as distributed. The motion was so moved by all members present

     IX.        Action Items
                  a. Weir in Hutchinson Creek
                   - Pat will talk to Brian Baxter as Brian was the person who first noticed themakeshift rock weir across Hutchinson Creek.

     X.         Open Discussion
                  a. Vest c/w GRSK Crest
                   - it was suggested by Ken, that GRSK members have vests c/w crests that would clearly identify them, plus it would be a good advertising tool.  Dave Clough suggested that Dave Davies would probably be willing to sponsor us in this regard.  (As a thank you token)  It was also suggested we could join in with other groups in Campbell River and have a fund raising night.  Dave Clough will let us know if this can be done in the near future.
                  b. Cedar plants
                   - Ken says he has 15 plants which his wife and he salvaged from the Big Bend Creek area.  He has replanted them in larger pots and most of the trees are doing well.  Paul noted that he has approximately 1,000 cedar trees sitting in pots in his backyard.  Paul suggested that we might want to set up a work bee and plant them on the Hutchinson Creek banks. 
                  c.  EPEMP Public Meeting in Campbell River.
                   - Dave Clough noted that there will be an EPEMP public meeting in Campbell River to discuss proposed changes to the Fisheries Act.  Dave feels changes will severely limit the DFO's ability to regulate the fisheries. It is up to us to ensure these proposed changes are not implemented.  Otto Langer wrote a newspaper article in the form of a rebuttal.  He strongly opposes any changes to the present Fisheries Act and says how important it is to leave this Act alone.  Dave will e-mail Ott's article.

    XI.        Next Meeting
                 The next meeting will be held at 7:00 p.m. on the 18th. of October, 2006 in the Aquatic Centre meeting room.

    XII.      Adjournment
                 Motion to adjourn the meeting was made by Jane. The meeting was adjourned at 8:00 p.m.

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