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2006 May Minutes For The Gold River Streamkeepers Society




Meeting called to order at 7:05 pm. Jim thanked everyone for attending.  Jim asked for everyone to sign the attendance sheet.  Jim asked for additions or changes to the agenda. Paul asked for letters of support under unfinished business.  Dustin moved to accept agenda, Patrick seconded, called to question, all in favour, none opposed, so moved.  Jim asked everyone to read over the previous minutes.  There is a spelling error in the attendance list.  It should read McLean not MacLean.  Motion to accept minutes by Jane; seconded by Dustin, called to question, all in favour, none opposed so moved. 

Under unfinished business, Paul talked about the schedule for the Dunlop Creek Fence.  Monday is Jim and Chelsey Pimlott, Tuesday is Ken Smith, Wednesday is Paul Smith, Thursday is Jim Mitchell, Friday is Gary and Karen Foster, Saturday is Jane Bogie and Patrick Watson, and Sunday is Dick and Pat Dennison.  Kevin Dello will sub when or if he can.  Paul updated everyone on the updated logo. He's pretty sure that it is good to go as it is now and will re-email to all.  Ken updated everyone on the PFRCC questionnaire.   Jim stated that the field trip for the stewardship education class went well with Dave Davies up to his usual excellent support.  It seems that the only mishap is that Roberta the "Rubber Duck" went missing and is presumably drowned.

Lots of discussion on whether the stewardship education classes/field trips will continue next year once Jim steps down.  Paul commented that would depend on who steps forward to give the presentations and set up the schedule with the high school.  We will discuss this more in the future.  Jim reminded everyone that the correspondence has been emailed to all on the mailing list and that the members should read the email on the west coast herring fishery.  There is some valuable information in this correspondence.  Under new business, Jim talked about the possibility of partnering with WFP, The Village, G. R. Crane, Conuma Excavating, Ministry of Forests and anyone else who might want to get involved to coordinate a clean up of the corner on the Ucona Mainline before Star Lake.  Lots of discussion on this issue and how to mitigate the dumping or eliminate it.  Jim reminded everyone that he and Paul would be attending the awards ceremony in Qualicum on May 27.  Paul gave the financial report.  Jim moved to accept financial report.  Dustin seconded. Called to question, all in favour, none opposed, so moved. 
Action Items: 
1. Paul will email new schedule to anyone who asks to receive it.
2. Paul will email out the final new logo to all members on the mailing list.
3. Paul will look into the stream keeper certificates for the members who took Dave's course.
4. Jim will get the clean up idea started.
5. Paul will contact forestry regarding permission or? for the clean up.
6. Paul will create stewardship education certificates once he receives the names.

Under open discussion:
Jim wanted to thank everyone for his or her dedication to our efforts.  It's been fun and rewarding.  He has enjoyed his time as president for the last five years and hopes that the next president will have just as much fun.  He will remain on as past president when the new president steps in to help the transition.  Jim went on to discuss the benefits of groups like the G.R.S.K. getting things done for the fish and their habitat.  Paul returned the thanks to Jim Mitchell for all he has done for our society and that he hopes all the members understand just what he has accomplished since he started.  
Paul also reminded everyone that the next meeting is our Annual General Meeting and that it is important that all members especially directors attend or send in their documents for submission (resignation letters, letters of nomination etc.) if they cannot make the meeting. 

Motion to adjourn at 9:05 pm by Patrick.  Next meeting is Wednesday June 21, 2006 at 7:00 pm at the Aquatic Centre in meeting room number one.

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