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2006 April Minutes For The Gold River Streamkeepers Society




Meeting called to order at 7:10 pm. Jim thanked everyone for attending.  Jim asked for everyone to sign the attendance sheet.  Jim welcomed Paul Smith back after being away for three months working.  Paul added apologies from Dave Davies for not being able to attend tonight's meeting. Jim asked for additions or changes to the agenda. Jim had one on stewardship education class #3 under new business.  There is a spelling error in the date.  It should read 2006 not 2005.  Dustin moved to accept agenda, Patrick seconded, called to question, all in favour, none opposed, so moved.  Jim asked everyone to read over the previous minutes.  Paul asked about the reading of previous correspondence.  Jim replied that because of the lack of a quorum at Feb meeting, all correspondence was carried over.   

Jim commented that his resignation date should read July not June. Motion to accept minutes by Dustin; seconded by Ken, called to question, all in favour, none opposed so moved.  Under unfinished business, Paul talked about the reasons for missing the deadline to hand over all receipts to the NSWS for the funding received last year being due to his short time frame to go to work in northern BC and Jim's heavy workload with his campaign trail.  Both apologize for the oversight and Paul added that it has been taken care of, but he's not sure whether this will hurt our chances of future funding or not.  Some discussion on training others to write proposals and file applications for funding so that someone other than Paul and Jim has this skill set.  Some discussion on the Dunlop Creek indicator fence schedule and maybe fine-tuning the screen on the fence if possible.  Jim apologized for not being able to coordinate the Buddy Day event with the Gold River Scouts.  Unfortunately his campaign took up most of his free time.  Paul stated that we should look at a director or member taking on the role of an event coordinator or something similar. Needs more discussion in future meetings.

Paul updated everyone on the new logo and will send out to everyone.  Paul still feels it needs a little perfecting, but is usable as is for stationary etc.  Jim talked about the meeting room discrepancy with the village over a previous rate charged and added that this will be reflected in our next invoice.  Jim talked about the letter of support he wrote for Roger Dunlop and handed out a copy to everyone to read over.  Ken Smith talked about his attendance at the Pacific Fisheries Resource Conservation Council (PFRCC) meeting in Campbell River.  The general purpose of the meeting was to seek input from the public on fish and the environment.  Ken discussed four questions from a questionnaire to be filled out by our group and returned back to the PFRCC.  As Ken read out each question the members discussed each one thoroughly and Ken will provide answers based on our debate. Jim also told Ken to call him or any of the other directors for more help.  Ken feels that we should keep attending these types of meetings, as they will help us keep on top of the issues.  Everyone agreed.  Jim handed out a copy of the letter to the Legion Ladies Auxiliary for everyone to proof read.  Jim stated that we should write a letter of thanks to Dave Davies for he has done for our society this past year.  There was some other discussion on Dave's contribution to the GRSK overall and our appreciation of such. Jim talked about the need for someone to replace him as president in June when we will be holding our Annual General Meeting for 2006.  It's time for a new direction and/or ideas to carry the GRSK into the future.  He wants to let everyone know that he is serious and hopes that someone will step up to the plate.  He will stay on as the past president to help the new president to settle into his new role if need be.  There was some discussion on maybe making a change to our constitution to reflect the new position on past president as the vice president.  Paul talked about the responsibilities of the president, directors and members to the society.  There not as bad/tough as they seem.  If everyone takes on a little or as much as they can then the society functions smoothly.  It's when we take on too much and it interferes with jobs or takes up all free time that we make mistakes.  This has happened in the past because of participation from only a few members and not all members needed to accomplish the goals.  This results in burning out the few members who participate and weakens us all eventually.  Lots of discussion on how to make meetings and outdoor activities more appealing.  Also talk on how to disperse the responsibilities evenly among all members based on free time available.  Needs more discussion at future meetings.  All correspondence was emailed to members on the list.  Under new business, Jim talked about the next stewardship education class.  The date is April 21 and the class will be about habitat and its components.  The final class and field trip of the year will be on May 5.  Jim will need some volunteer effort to help him out.  Paul commented that he would help.  A new schedule was set up for the Dunlop Creek indicator fence and will be dispersed to all members via email.  Jim talked about receiving correspondence from Dave Davies that the Gold River Streamkeepers would be given an award on May 27 at the Fisheries Volunteer Stewards Awards ceremony.  Way to go everyone!  We must be doing something right.

Jim and Paul will attend and apprise the members at the AGM in June.  Anyone else who would like to attend can contact Jim and Paul.  There was a lot of discussion on the regular meetings being moved to the third Wednesday instead of Tuesday.  This is because a lot of our members have a busy Tuesday.  Darrel Glass moved that the GRSK move up the regular meeting day to the third Wednesday of every month except July, August and December.  Seconded by Patrick, called to question, all in favour, none opposed, so moved.  Paul gave the financial report.  Dustin moved to accept financial report.  Jane seconded. Called to question, all in favour, none opposed, so moved. 
Action Items: 
1. Paul will contact Gary Foster about Rod and Gun participation in indicator fence.
2. Paul will email out the new logo to all members on the mailing list.
3. Ken will mail in questionnaire with our responses to PFRCC.
4. Paul will draft up a letter of thanks to Dave Davies.
5. Jim will contact WFP for permission to travel the logging roads used during the stewardship education class field trip.

Under open discussion:
Jim wanted to discuss partnering with the Rod and Gun Club, Fire Department and any other organization that may be interested in removing the accumulated garbage on the sharp corner of the Ucona Mainline before Star Lake.  Everyone knows the corner he is talking about.  Unfortunately a few residents have been dumping everything from paper to the kitchen sink off of the corner and over the bank.  It is his hope that the GRSK could take the initiative by organizing a clean up day during the summer and come up with some ideas on how to stop people from using the corner as a dumpsite.  There was positive feedback on this and we will discuss it again at the next two meetings with a final objective to come from them.  Jim also stated that April 29 is Pitch In Day in Gold River and he hopes that Streamkeepers will volunteer their time to grab a bag from the community centre and collect some garbage.  Paul reminded everyone about our new photo gallery software on the website that allows members to register and create their own photo albums for all to see.  Paul stated that he is still working out all of the bugs so be patient as things progress or change.  This is a great piece of software and Paul will be constantly tweaking it to suit our needs.

Motion to adjourn at 9:05 pm by Dustin.  Next meeting is May 17, 2006 at 7:00 pm at Jim Mitchell's place of residence

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