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2005 November Minutes For The Gold River Streamkeepers Society




Meeting called to order at 7:25 pm. Jim thanked everyone for attending.  Jim asked for everyone to sign the attendance sheet.  Jim gave a brief overview of the Gold River Streamkeepers and what we do for the new members.  Jim asked for additions or changes to the agenda. Jim had two updates under unfinished business on the BCTC and Stewardship Education.  Dustin moved to accept agenda, Jane seconded, called to question, all in favour, none opposed, so moved.  Jim asked everyone to read over the previous minutes.  Paul mentioned that leachate is all one word.  Motion to accept minutes by Patrick; seconded by Ken, called to question, all in favour, none opposed, so moved.

Paul updated everyone on the salmon enumeration projects. He has contacted Floyd Naswell to do the Hutchinson Creek enumeration, but Floyd has just started work again so Paul will confirm whether he will have the time to do this.  Paul commented that he located the missing data from the Dunlop Creek Coho Indicator Fence and has added it to the spreadsheet.  He also contacted Steve Baillie to make sure that he had the correct data on file.  Some discussion followed on the effectiveness of the fence this year and improvement ideas for next year.  Jim talked about the trip to Ono's to purchase supplies and equipment.  Apparently they no longer stock most of the supplies we've purchased in the past from them.  Also they weren't set up to handle non-profit organizations, so only 2 field vests, 2 pairs of rain gear, and 2 pairs of gloves were purchased.  Jim, Jane, and Patrick then went to Tyee Marine in Campbell River and purchased 2 sets of waders and boots.

Jim commented that we should try and find another place to purchase supplies for the Streamkeepers kit etc. preferably somewhere on the North Island.  Paul replied that we could also purchase items from the Pacific Streamkeepers Federation.  Jim talked about the BCTF funding for Big Bend Creek stage three. He hasn't had the time to connect with his contact name due to his workload.  He will try and get to it before Christmas, but if not definitely in the New Year.  Jim stated that the Stewardship Education classes were postponed due to the teachers strike until the New Year. Students will have to play catch up until then so it is not feasible to take up class time with stewardship education.  Paul talked about the correspondence from Andrew Day, the Pacific Streamkeepers Federation and Streamline Environmental Consulting. Some discussion followed on the no net loss paper from Andrew Day and the letter of support request from Streamline Environmental Consulting.  Jim stated that Ian Redden (Streamline) needs to give us more lead time when requesting our support for various assessments, projects etc.  Under new business, Jim talked about the importance of maintaining our directorship and because he hasn't heard from the directors that are not present for tonight's AGM they have forfeited their status as directors.  He asked if all present directors were willing to stand again for 2006 providing there were no objections from the members. Patrick, Paul and Jim stated they would stand again if the members wish them to.  Jim then asked if there were any members present who would like to put their name forward or nominate someone for a director's position.  Jane Bogie and Ken Smith put their name forward to stand as directors.  Jim asked if there were any objections to the election of directors and for a show of hands in favour, opposed, all in favour, none opposed, so moved. Congratulations everyone!

Paul gave the financial report.  Jim talked about other withdrawals from our account for roughly $700 yet to be accounted for because he hasn't handed Paul the receipts yet.  He is still waiting for an invoice from Dave Clough also on the Streamkeepers course fees.  Bob asked why we weren't looking at keeping our money in a facility that offers a better rate of return.  Some discussion followed on the convenience of not travelling to Campbell River and the differences in interest lost etc.  Paul commented that we should be looking at a better rate of return providing us with more income if possible. Bob suggested the ING Direct facility as the best way to go. Dustin moved to accept the financial report, Bob seconded, called to question, all in favour, none opposed, so moved. 

Action Items: 
1.  Paul will forward the Dunlop Creek Coho Indicator Fence data to Jim. 
2. Dustin will create some graphs from the Coho Indicator Fence data. 
3. Jim will talk to Larry Plourde about the cost of the meeting room.
4. Paul will contact Ian Redden and ask if possible for more lead time for requests. 
5. Paul will draft up a letter of thanks to the Regional District for their generous donation. 
6. Paul will look into ING Direct or other facilities for a better rate of return. 
7. Jim will hand over all receipts to Paul. 

Under open discussion there was an overview of the Nootka Sound Watershed Society to the new members. Jim also commented that he would like to hold another meeting in December preferably the second week instead of the third. Did anyone have objections? Some discussion followed on the reasons for this meeting and it was decided to hold a meeting on December 13 same time, same place.  Paul commented that he would like to see our meetings in the warmer times of the year to be held outdoors in a bbq or similar format.  He feels that a "hands on" experience may bring everyone out to the meeting.  This was agreed to by everyone as being food for thought in the future.  Motion to adjourn at 9:00 pm by Jane.  Next meeting is December 13/2005 at 7:00 pm at Jim Mitchell's place of residence.

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