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2005 April Minutes For The Gold River Streamkeepers Society




Meeting called to order at 7:09 pm. Jim thanked everyone for attending.  Jim asked for everyone to sign the attendance sheet.  Jim asked for additions or changes to the agenda.  Jim added stewardship education class updates under unfinished.  Patrick moved to accept agenda, Mike seconded, called to question, all in favour, none opposed, so moved.  Jim asked everyone to read over the previous minutes.  Jim commented that the previous minutes are from the February meeting as no one attended the March meeting. Motion to accept minutes by Patrick, seconded by Mike, called to question, Jim stated that he has talked to Tahsis, but received no reply yet.

Paul talked about the letter he sent in reply, all in favour, none opposed, so moved.  Paul commented that this is the first time he has had a chance to apologise for the mix up at the Buddy Camp event sponsored by the Gold River Scouts. Paul was supposed to coordinate a table on behalf of the GRSK, but unfortunately because of his personal situation he forgot about it. He feels terrible about it and stated he will write a letter of apology to the scouts if asked to do so.  Jim stated that it was unnecessary, as Paul has apologized on our behalf to Sue McLean and Dustin. Paul and Jim talked about the Dunlop Creek Coho indicator fence and the smolt/fry counts taking place as we speak.

Paul commented that he would like to see a lean to or something similar built to store our equipment at the fence to keep it dry. Jim stated that he would be coordinating a clean up day to deal with the old materials at the site.  Jim discussed the attendance problems at the regular meetings and talked about designating someone to phone just before the meeting to remind everyone. Jim will volunteer to do this the first month and then will assign someone to replace him and change it every month so all members have an opportunity to participate. Jim commented that he and Paul would begin the application process shortly for the FIA funding through the Nootka Sound Economic Development Society. The funding will be used to start stage three of Big Bend Creek.  There was some discussion on the status of the native plants under the power line and why a lot of them haven't made it through the drought months last year. Might be because of the drainage under the plants is too fast. Soil contaminated maybe from past hack and squirt practices. Deadline for FIA proposal is May 5/05.  Paul and/or Jim will contact Dave Clough and Sean Wong to for input. Paul talked about receiving $2500 from the NSWS through the Public Involvement Program funding.  The NSWS has applied through the Habitat and Enhancement Branch for  $5000 and will donate half to the GRSK. Dave Davies provided the NSWS with the application and recommended that the NSWS donate half to the GRSK.  Paul stated that this would be a good time to purchase a much-needed portable generator for our projects.  Jim commented that we should be replacing our kit materials and purchasing some equipment like waders, vests, etc.  Mike talked about looking into the dispersal sheet provided by DFO for disposal of assets through an auction where we might be able to purchase our equipment at a cheaper cost. Jim talked about the stewardship education class on May 13.  Jim will contact DFO to coordinate a beach seine again.  Paul talked about the correspondence.  Jim discussed the steelhead issues on the Gold River and asked his directors to approve his sending a letter to the ministry asking for a closure to be put in place until the river is classified as enhanceable and the Robertson Creek DNA issues are dealt with.  We know that hatchery steelhead are caught every year on the Gold River, so we need to determine if there are the same issues with steelhead that exist with Chinook. Paul commented that we should be asking the province to draft up a management plan to deal with these issues and determine whether this is a crisis or cycle that will right itself over time.  Everyone agreed that it is a problem that is getting worse over the last three to four years and no one should be angling for steelhead until the problem is dealt with.  Paul asked everyone to look over the financial report.  Mike moved to accept the financial report, Patrick seconded, called to question, all in favour, none opposed, so moved.

Action Items: 
1.  Jim will coordinate a clean up day for Dunlop fence. 
2. Paul or Jim will contact Dave Clough and Sean Wong on Big Bend Creek. 
3. Jim will phone all members before the next meeting.
4. Mike will try and find the dispersal sheet from DFO.
5.  Jim will coordinate the beach seine at the next stewardship education class field trip.
6. Jim will draft up a letter to the province regarding the steelhead issues. 

Mike moved to adjourn at 8:15 pm.  Next meeting is May 19/2005 at 7:00 pm in meeting room number 1 at the aquatic center.

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