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2003 October Minutes For The Gold River Streamkeepers Society




Meeting called to order at 7:14 pm.  Jim asked that everyone sign the attendance sheet for administration protocol. Introductions followed.  Jim asked for additions to the agenda, Paul had one under correspondence.  Jim had two under new business.  Jim asked for a motion to accept the agenda.  John Bruce moved and Patrick Watson seconded.  Called to question, all in favour, none opposed, so moved.  Jim asked everyone to read over the previous minutes.  Jim asked about the status of the Dunlop Creek riparian project. 

Paul commented that it has been put on hold until we get a forester or biologist to do an in kind assessment.  Pat asked if anyone has been out to check on the equipment at Dunlop Creek since the last big rain event.  Jim stated that he would be going there this weekend to do a salmon enumeration.  Paul updated everyone on the status of the proposals for the PSF and Real Estate funding.  He stated that he hasn't had any time to dedicate towards these proposals and hopes to get on them before the new call in February.  Jim updated everyone on the status of the Big Bend Creek riparian planting project with the local high school and Conuma Excavating.  Anyone who is interested in participating please contact Jim or Paul, they could use some help.  Jim stated that the high school has requested that the stewardship education class field trip for next spring be before May 21, which means we won't be able to coordinate it around "Oceans Day" like last year.

Paul asked everyone to look at the letters of thanks for omissions or additions before he sends them out.  Darcy moved to accept letters of thanks, seconded by Chris Patrick, called to question, all in favour, none opposed, so moved.  Paul stated that he has passed along the shorekeepers data to Dave Davies and that Dave has photo copied everything and we have received those copies for our files.  Jim updated everyone on the Chinook brood collection exercise that took place on the Muchalaht River.  Members from the Gold River Rod and Gun, Stream Keepers, Dfo, SFAC, and high school were present.  There was an exchange student from Germany working alongside of hatchery staff also.  Only five females and five males were taken although the set produced over the needed 100,000 eggs.  The females were mostly green and because there was no holding net available they were released.  Since then the heavy rains have blown out the system and we might not be able to get another set in to complete the collection.  Chris Patrick commented that he was just at Hutchinson Creek and there were fish spawning in the system.  Discussion followed on the need to start our enumeration projects earlier in the fall so as to not miss the small Chinook runs entering during the first rain event.  Under new business, Jim talked about selling the donated furniture from the Lodge at Gold River and if any members want some of the items it will cost them $5 per item.  Otherwise we should try and sell them shortly as the village is only letting us use the storage space on a temporary basis.  He added that the Lodge has just donated another $250 to us to be used for salmon enhancement and various other projects.  Jim also stated that he will be calling a directors meeting shortly and that he would like all directors to be there.  He will phone everyone when he chooses the date.  Paul gave the financial report.  Pat moved to accept it and John seconded.  Called to question, all in favour, none opposed, so moved. 

Action items:
1.  Jim and Pat will check on Dunlop Creek and report back. 
2.  Paul will remind Darcy about possible fish derby event for "Oceans Day" next spring.  Darcy will coordinate. 
3.  Jim will organize furniture sale. 

There were no presentations.  Under open discussion, Jim commented that he'd be looking for a new director to replace Floyd Naswell who has stepped down.  There was some talk about an excavator sinking in Meares Creek doing work for the hydro project.  Paul commented that he stopped at the reefer trailer alongside of the mainline where they have all there telephone poles and transformers and was disgusted by the amount of garbage left laying around for the wind to carry into the bushes.  He thought that they would be a little more responsible than that.  Pat talked about the falling boundary ribbons that have been noticed in the upper Hutchinson Creek watershed and asked if WFP was going to be logging this section shortly.  Paul commented that he hasn't seen the FDP yet but will look into it.  Pat moved that our president ask the watershed committee to look into this as this is a prime area for mushroom picking and lower watershed has had restoration dollars spent on it.  It would be a shame to ruin all efforts completed by volunteers in the watershed.  Darcy seconded, called to question, all in favour, none opposed, so moved.  Chris moved to adjourn at 8:12 pm.  Next meeting is November 18/03 at 7:00 pm in meeting room number 1 at the aquatic center.

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