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2003 November Minutes For The Gold River Streamkeepers Society




Meeting called to order at 7:03 pm.  Jim asked that everyone sign the attendance sheet for administration protocol. Introductions followed.  Jim asked for additions to the agenda, Jim asked for a motion to accept the agenda.  Chris Erikson moved and Stuart Adams seconded.  Called to question, all in favour, none opposed, so moved.  Jim asked everyone to read over the previous minutes.  Kevin Dello moved to accept the previous minutes, Jane Bogie seconded, called to question,

Chris stated that there is an error in the previous minutes regarding the numbers of fish taken from the brood collection on the Muchalat River.  They should read four viable females, two green (unripe) mortalities, 12 males, and 1 jack.  Of the 19 sampled, 10 were thermally marked and 9 were not.  Chris went on to say that the hatchery is still waiting for the DNA data to come back, all in favour, none opposed, so moved.  Under unfinished business, Jim asked if any of the members had comments or observations regarding the Meares Creek hydro project.  Paul replied that Darrel Glass left a message on the office answering machine regarding the felling of trees across creeks that enter fish bearing streams along the powerline right of way.  Paul forwarded his concerns to DFO and was informed that someone would look into this.  Jim updated everyone as to the status of the motion from our last meeting to the Watershed Committee regarding the future of the upper Hutchinson Creek watershed.  The watershed committee accepted the motion and is looking at coordinating a presentation by WFP for sometime in February.

Jim commented that WFP has stated that Patrick or anyone else with concerns can come down to the office to provide input into the FDP.  Jim updated everyone on the progress of the riparian project at Big Bend Creek.  Jim will be working with the Gold River Scouts to plant the remaining plants.  Jim discussed the sale of the furniture donated by the Gold River Lodge and that all members can have first dibbs on everything for a cost of 5 dollars per item.  After that the public will be able to purchase the remaining items.  Paul commented that he has already purchased some of the items and owes $35.  Jim talked about Dunlop Creek fence and the removal of such.  Everything is removed and sitting in the bush beside the creek.  Jim updated everyone on the salmon enumeration projects and stated that the only system that has not been enumerated yet was Siwash Creek. Chris wanted to remind everyone that we should be moving away from only filling out one SIL card to the proper procedure of filling them all out.  Paul agreed and commented that we need to coordinate a workshop to provide everyone with the skills to do this.  Jim updated everyone on the recent directors meeting.  The focus was to identify new sources of funding to maintain administration costs.  A new director was appointed to replace Floyd Naswell, it is Stuart Adams.  Congratulations Stuart!  Also discussed was lowering our membership fees for students and it was decided to ask the members for more input.  Discussion followed on the benefits of more young members and the need to help them become members.  Kevin Dello moved to lower membership fees for students under 17 to $5.  Seconded by Chris Erikson, called to question, all in favour, none opposed, so moved.  The directors meeting also discussed the need to cut costs in order to maintain the office.  Discussions followed on brainstorming ideas to lower our administration costs.  The high-speed internet service will be terminated in favour of the cheaper telephone line access.  Jim updated everyone on the field trip/presentation by Summit Power Group on the proposed power project at the confluence of the Ucona and Gold Rivers.  Two groups were taken to the proposed site, the first flew over the site in a helicopter and the other group including Jim, Jaime James, Roger Dunlop and Paul went by boat across the Gold to the site.  Discussion followed on project and how our concerns will be addressed with some ideas for mitigating any habitat loss etc.  There was no correspondence.  Under new business, Paul talked about receiving a phone call from Streamline Environmental seeking a letter of support on a riparian project for the lower Elk River.  Paul contacted the president to receive permission to write this letter and now is looking for a motion to approve.  Discussion followed on the project details and the possibility of being able to partner in this project in the future.  Kevin Dello moved to approve letter of support.  Chris Erikson seconded.  Called to question, all in favour, none opposed, so moved.  Paul gave the financial report.  Stuart Adams moved to accept financial report, seconded by Patrick Watson.  Called to question, all in favour, none opposed, so moved. 

Action Items:
1.  Patrick will go to WFP to provide his input into the FDP. 
2.  Jim will coordinate the rest of the Big Bend riparian planting with the scouts. 
3.  Jim will walk Siwash Creek and enumerate salmon. 
4.  Paul and Chris will get together and brainstorm a workshop for next falls salmon enumeration program. 
5.  Chris will contact Roger Dunlop and/or Jaime James to coordinate a fry/smolt migration count from the Gold. 

There were no presentations.  Under open discussion the Robertson/Somass straying issues were once again talked about.  Chris talked about the need to provide data on fry/smolt migration out of the Gold River to help determine the future of Gold River stocks.  Paul commented that Roger Dunlop and he were discussing that very idea this morning.  Roger had stated that we should partner up to run the screw trap this spring.  Chris moved to adjourn at 8:35 pm.  Next meeting is January 20/04 at 7:00 pm in meeting room number 1 at the aquatic center.

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