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2003 February Minutes For The Gold River Streamkeepers Society




Meeting called to order at 7:09 pm.  Jim asked for changes or additions to agenda.  Chris asked for an update on fences under unfinished business. Paul also added an update on the Conuma Off Channel Project.  Floyd moved to accept agenda, seconded by Jane.  Called to question, all in favour, none opposed, so moved.  Jim asked that everyone read over minutes for changes or additions.  Floyd moved to accept minutes, Patrick seconded, called to question, Jim asked about outstanding invoice concerns with Northwest Hydraulics and the status of the over billing.

Paul replied that he has sent correspondence to Bruce Walsh, but hasn't had a reply back yet.  Jim asked about the participation ideas discussed at the AGM and wondered where everyone was at once again. Paul stated that Jon Banas sends his regrets, but he doesn't feel he has the time to commit to the Stream Keepers that he should.  He will come back when his plate isn't so full.  Paul commented that he mailed out copies of the minutes and agenda to those who didn't have email and also phoned everyone this time a week in advance.  Paul will draft up a letter to all members expressing concern over poor attendance and the responsibility of the member to call/email and explain why he or she won't be able to attend.  Paul will also cut all those contacts that haven't made it to a meeting in the last year from the mailing list.

Question was put to Jim about charges by TD bank for banking.  Jim replied that he is still waiting to hear back from the TD bank, all in favour none opposed, so moved.  Paul updated everyone on the "tying back the trees on Hutchinson Creek" idea from Floyd at the AGM and Dave Clough's explanation (see correspondence) of his comments to Floyd.  Jim talked to Dick Cain (WFP) and we are on the top of his list for left over trees from their tree-planting program.  Jim and Chris haven't gotten to the E Team/Stream Team or similar programs idea from the last meeting yet, but will get to it shortly.  Paul commented that he had phoned HRDC and was told there were no programs like this in their system.  Paul stated that maybe he didn't ask the right questions but the gentlemen he talked to was sure that there was no funding for anything along these lines.  Jim updated everyone on the classroom presentation project to the GRSS.  He talked about the meeting between himself, Chris, Jaime James, Paul and Roger Dunlop at the Ridge Pub to define the outline objectives and assign duties/next steps.  Paul asked that everyone look over the letter to Jaime James thanking him for the Mowachat/Muchalat support letter on the Conuma Off Channel Project.  Some spelling errors were detected and it was stated that Steve Emmonds and Russ Doucette should be on the cc list.  Paul updated everyone on the status of the Coho fences.  Paul updated everyone on the status of the Conuma Off Channel project and the lack of funding available.  WFP has decided not to put funding into the project this year because of the reduced funding in this area from the Forest Investment Account.  They will be focusing on road deactivation, Oktwanch side channel upgrades, clay bank stabilization next to the Gold River and inventory assessments.  Stewart asked about the road crossings over creeks that enter the lagoon on the Conuma River and expressed concerns over the sediment deposition from these crossings.  Paul will contact WFP and pass along concerns.  Floyd commented that he had been talking to Deb Clemenson, and she had told him of some funding to assess streams in our area.  Paul will look into this.  Action items:  Paul will draft up letter to members on poor attendance.  Paul will contact WFP and express concerns over BMP's on creek crossing in the cut block above the lagoon.  Paul will contact Deb Clemenson and ask her about her conversation with Floyd on potential funding sources.  Jim will contact Dick Cain to ask about excess trees and when to expect them.  Jim will set up a directors meeting sometime before our next regular meeting.  Next up was the correspondence from Dave Clough about the riparian project idea for Hutchinson Creek, which we discussed briefly under unfinished business.  Under new business, John Bruce volunteered to stand as our communications coordinator.  Paul will send John the contact list.  Paul gave the financial report.  Stewart moved to accept the financial report, Patrick seconded, called to question, all in favour, none opposed, so moved.  John moved to adjourn.  Next meeting is March 18, 2003 at the Aquatic Center, meeting room #1 at 7:00pm.

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