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2002 October Minutes For The Gold River Streamkeepers Society




Meeting called to order at 7:08 pm.  Introductions followed around the table.  Paul asked that everyone sign the attendance sheet for administration protocol.  Paul asked for errors or omissions from the agenda, hearing none Paul asked for a motion to accept the agenda.  Chris moved, Darrel seconded, called to question all in favor none opposed.  Paul asked everyone to read over the previous minutes.  Paul asked for a motion to accept the minutes.  Darrel moved, Floyd seconded, called to question.  All in favor none opposed so moved. 

Paul asked for business arising from minutes.  Chris stated that he would remind the Gold River Rod and Gun about planting trees between the road access and Hutchinson Creek.  Paul asked if everyone had brought a funding idea or source to the meeting.  Members provided some ideas as follows: Photo contest for a calendar to resell, approach various entities like Oak Bay Marine Group, Shelly and Courtney Fishing show etc for support, Hold a raffle of 50\50 draw, organize a dance, talk to Peppercorn Motels new owner, ask commercial fisheries/union.  Paul asked if everyone knew his or her role with salmon enumeration this fall.  Darrel replied he could use some help from Rod and Gun.  Chris has talked to the rod and gun and will pass along contact numbers to Darrel.  Kevin and Chris will take on Big Bend Creek once again.  Paul will tackle Dunlop Creek and will seek help when he goes.  Jim's name was volunteered to do Siwash Creek.  Paul will confirm with Jim.

Paul asked everyone to read over the correspondence from the chamber.  Paul will phone Suzanne Trevis to set up booth at exposition.  Chris suggested we use an aquarium like we did at the Scouts event.  Paul asked everyone to proof read Jim's letter on Sep/Hcsp to the minister.  Paul asked everyone to read over Roger's correspondence regarding the Conuma off channel project.  Chris commented that the effluent water would be the only water diverted to the off channel and even if no water is diverted the off channel will be better than it is now.  Everyone agreed that the Conuma needs more Coho habitat.  It was reiterated that the Conuma is one of the systems chosen by the watershed committee as a priority for enhancement/restoration.  Paul will contact Roger for a better explanation of his concerns.  Paul asked for new business.  Paul updated everyone on the trip to the Ucona and Gold River confluence with Summit Power Group, Doug Swift, Russ Doucette, Mel Sheng, and Chris Erikson.  Summit Power is looking at the feasibility of putting a hydro facility on the west side of the Ucona.  They talked about creating off channel habitat to mitigate the building of the facility.  A new bridge across the Gold will be looked at to access the facility.  This is just an idea and has not made it to the development stage yet.  Paul then updated everyone on the status of the brood capture numbers for the Gold.  Chris talked about needing more volunteers and why the Mowachaht/Muchalat haven't been involved with us in the upper watershed.  Paul commented that they were invited but was told they were just too busy.  He went on to say that they provide the information we need to locate stocks by swimming the river and passing along the info to us.  Paul talked about Pacific Salmon Foundation funding and a possible proposal for future training needed for our members IE: swift water, electro shocking etc.  Paul gave the financial report and asked for a motion to accept it.  Chris moved to accept the financial report and Darrel seconded.  Called to question.  Someone asked about the minimum balance credits for bank charges.  Paul will look into this.  All in favour so moved.  Paul wanted to remind everyone that our next meeting would also be our AGM so everyone should attend.  Jane moved to adjourn at 8:40 pm.  Next meeting is November 19/02 at 7:00 pm in meeting room number one at the aquatic center.

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