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Gold River Streamkeepers Society Ngo Website Links

World Wide Web Defend the Wolves
We are dedicated to protecting and restoring our environment through education of the public as well as enlisting their assistance to save our planet and its inhabitants. We can not do it alone - and the world must realize that there is no one who can truly say "It's not my problem."

World Wide Web Nanoose Streamkeepers
Preserving genetic diversity through protection of Wild Salmon stocks. Nanoose Streamkeepers were formed in 1999 when local residents came together with Nanoose First Nations to promote stewardship and protection of the local Wild Salmon streams within the watersheds of Nanoose Bay and surrounding area.

World Wide Web NCN/WCVI Aquatic Management Society
Website of the Nu-chah-nulthat West Coast Vancouver Island Aquatic Management Society.

World Wide Web Pacific Streamkeepers Federation
The Pacific Streamkeepers Federation was initiated in May 1995, at a Community Involvement Workshop held in Williams Lake British Columbia, Canada, attended by more than 300 stream restoration volunteers from BC and the Yukon.

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