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2011 Dunlop Creek Fence Installation

Once again we are installing the Coho Indicator fence on Dunlop Creek on April 30, 2011 and invite everyone to come out and help or cheer us on.... 

This fence is important for helping to determine the coho population for the Gold River Watershed and the Coho escapement numbers for Nootka Sound.  Once the fence is set up our members and volunteers from the community visit the fence once a day to take length/weights and count the fry and smolts plus whatever species is caught in the box that the fence directs the fish into.

We hope to also get the local elementary school involved with a field trip to help us count the fish and to teach them more about the life cycle of the Coho Salmon.  This is a great project for learning about how Coho salmon live in our fresh water streams for up to two years before returning to the ocean to feed and grow to the sizes you see when or if  you sport fish for them.

So if you are interested in attending this project contact Ken Smith @ 250-283-7969 for more information.  Hope to see you there!

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