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Chinook Brood Stock Capture897 viewsVolunteers helping the Conuma Hatchery collect Chinook salmon broodstock from the Tlupana River.Feb 21, 2007
Upper Conuma River Coho Transplant1376 viewsVolunteers helping the Conuma Hatchery to transplant adult Coho salmon into the upper reaches of the Conuma River. Feb 21, 2007
Coho Transplant1325 viewsVaughn Michaud placing an adult female Coho into the chute that leads into the upper Conuma River. Feb 21, 2007
Fry Mark Recapture Assessment768 viewsChris Erikson (Conuma Hatchery) conducting a fry mark recapture assessment with volunteers on Hutchinson Creek.Feb 21, 2007
Setting the Net on the Gold River745 viewsVolunteers setting the net to capture Gold River Chinook brood stock in behind the Rod and Gun Club.Feb 21, 2007
Gold River Chinook Brood Collection831 viewsThis is a Chinook bleeding rack on the Gold River for the females before taking eggs. Feb 21, 2007
Coho Smolt880 viewsHere is a Coho smolt from Dunlop Creek. Feb 21, 2007
Cutthroat and Rainbow Trout Smolts1144 viewsThis is a comparison of a Cutthroat and Rainbow Trout in the smolt stage. Can you tell the difference?Feb 21, 2007
Cutty750 viewsThis is a Cutthroat Trout in the anestetic tank before a length/weight assessment. Feb 21, 2007
Cutthroat Trout765 viewsThis big Cutthroat Trout was caught in the Dunlop Creek Coho Indicator Fence. A lenght/weight assessment was completed and the fish was released back into the creek.Feb 21, 2007
Muchalaht River Fish Weir Field Trip592 viewsRoger Dunlop RPBio give a little history on how fish weirs were used by the Mowachaht/Muchalaht First Nations.Feb 21, 2007
Muchalaht River Fish Weir681 viewsRoger Dunlop RPBio giving an explanation on how the Muchalat River fish weir functions and how it was built.Feb 21, 2007
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