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Editing Your Web Page Content

If you are logged into the website (frontend) you can edit the main content of your website pages by moving your mouse up to the top of the website page where the gray nav bar will appear with the edit resource, manager and logout tabs. Click on edit resource and the content manager will open.

If you are logged into manager (backend) just click on the resource in the navigation tree to the left or one of the navigation tabs above and choose an option.


If you want to change an image just click on the image to higlight it (you should see a series of small squares surrounding the image)

and then click on the image editor button.

If you want to add a new image somewhere on your page, you click where you want to add the image to your page and then click on the image editor button to add your new image. Once inside the image editor, you can either type in the url to the image if you know it or click the browse button to locate an image on your computer.

You can choose an image already in your images folder on the server or you browse to your computer and upload a new one.

Click on the folder on your computer where your images are placed and select the image you want. Click open.

You can also change some paramters of your image by choosing the appearance tab and making changes there.

Click the upload button.

Select the newly uploaded image and click insert.

If you want to change some text anywhere on your page, just highlight it or place the cursor where you want to add the new text and type it in.

If you want to bold your text highlight it and click the Bold button.

If you want to change the text properties, highlight the text and use the double AA button.

Choose one of the tabs and make your changes using the options provided. Click update.

If you want to make an image or text into a weblink (url) highlight the image or text and then click on the link button and type in the website address and then choose whether you want the link to open in a new window (blank) or the same window (frame).


Setting up a mini-blog is relatively simple. Here is what you need to do to get started with making new posts:

Login to the GRSK Control Panel.

Press the plus-sign next to the Resource container resource, then press the plus-sign next to the Blog(2) container resource to see the blog entries posted there.

To make a new Blog entry, simply right-click the Blog container document and choose the "Create Resource here" menu option. To edit an existing blog article, right click the entry and choose the "Edit Resource" menu option.

Write or edit the content and press save, making sure the document is published under the setting tab at the top of the control panel resource editor.

Everything else is automatic; you are done

You are Done!

That is pretty much it, if you have more questions contact your web host or designer for more help. Enjoy!