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Gold River Streamkeepers Society Stewardship

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World Wide Web Hatchery 101
What it takes to start and run a hatchery.  A course given by the Puntledge River Hatchery personel.

World Wide Web No Net Loss
A Review and Analysis of Habitat Compensation in Canada.

World Wide Web Pacific Salmon Treaty
Treaty Between The Government Of Canada And The Government Of The United States Of America Concerning Pacific Salmon.

World Wide Web Salmon Handbook
This handbook is one of the products from the Salmon Economics Project. Few people want to plod through all the evidence regarding the economic theory, facts, and implications of proposals to rebuild healthy salmon populations. The CWCH therefore asked the economists at ECONorthwest, an economic consulting firm with offices in Seattle, Portland, and Eugene, to provide a comprehensive summary of their views of ways in which rebuilding healthy salmon populations would affect the economies of Washington and Oregon.

World Wide Web Shore Keepers
The Shore Keepers Training Manual in pdf.

World Wide Web Species Inventory Fundamentals
This manual presents an introduction to the species inventory program in British Columbia. It was compiled by the Elements Working Group of the Terrestrial Ecosystems Task Force, under the auspices of the Resources Inventory Committee (RIC). The objectives of the working group are to develop inventory methods that will lead to the collection of comparable, defensible, and useful inventory and monitoring data for the species component of biodiversity.

World Wide Web Stream Assessment Protocol
This document presents an easy-to-use assessment protocol to evaluate the condition of aquatic ecosystems associated with streams.

World Wide Web Water Stewardship
This review demonstrates the considerable body of data that now shows, despite substantial and expected variation, that forest clearing and road building are having significant effects on both annual yield and peak flows in the Pacific Northwest.